Friday, May 7, 2010

Value Added! Vote for Ruis and Learn Shit!

Most of you know me well enough by now and will probably remember that I really love the Search function of TB.

As a moderator, I am not only going to encourage more wide-spread usage of this handy function, I will teach a tutorial to those who seem to be somewhat hampered by the confusing buttons and steps that need to be taken to perform an appropriate search.

We are going to call it "Search First, Ask Second - Search Functionality 101 for the Inept" This short, one-day course will cover such topics as "But I'm too lazy to search;" "But the search box requires more than 3 letters!" and, will precursor the second course in this series, "Appropriate Section Posting 101."

Visual materials will be utilized. You may remember this classic example:

As you can see in the example shown here, we have created a tutorial that even the newest of interface users can learn easily from.

And best of all - this is all free when I become moderator! The tutorial will be mandatory for all new members, who will then be given a mandatory "search function" test, where they are given a popular TB search item (such as "Diva Cup" or "When do I start solids?!") and left to their own devices to find the answers to the question.

But, long time members.. don't feel left out! If you know of a friend (or enemy) who is terminally incapable of searching we offer an abridged version of the tutorial that can be sent anonymously to the incapable searcher. They will be sent a gentle reminder that the search button exists and how to properly utilize it.

So there you are TB! Yet another great reason to vote Ruis for Mod!

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