Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We all play parts of tomorrow...

Time to get a bit introspective. Today's campaign blog is brought to you by CHANGE (hence the lyrics in the title for those who missed it - bonus points to those that can name the song!)

Admittedly, I abhor certain changes. I'm routine driven and, while adaptable and flexible when I need to be, I like the constants in my life. My coffee order at Starbucks, the glass of water before bed that MUST be in the same glass, or how I won't likely deviate from using the default style sheet on TB because it's what I'm used to.

I've nestled down and accepted my own idiosyncrasies as just part of who I am. I am long-winded. As mentioned yesterday, I fence sit and try to look at things from all sides. I accept the grey in life and realize most things aren't often just black and white. I can be a bit snippy, but can also turn around and realize I'm wrong and apologize. I'm big on communication and talking things out. I have "groups" that I'm friendly with (choose one of many - April 2008 Moms, Foodies, Foodies-that-take-too-many-pictures-of-food, Moms of older kids, Members Against Triffle and Balling your Eyes Out...) that I will always be close to.

But I've been asked a few times now about how I will change if I become moderator. Some of you may think my changing would be GREAT. I haven't heard from you all. ;)

My response? I don't think I will. I've been part of this group, in all forms, for almost a decade. I've grown from the women (and men) here. I've learned about me - the good and the not-so-flattering. I've learned about how to be a better me. I still think I have a lot to learn about myself as life situations change, but the foundation of me, that has taken a decade to form - I figure it's about done.

So, rest assured those who expressed concern that I'd change my style. It's my style. It doesn't mean I can't continue to learn from the vast experiences of the membership here. A change in job description may alter how often I bite my tongue (although it gets plenty bloody now - MUCH more so than it used to), but it doesn't change who I am. I don't expect people to vote for me based on what they want me to be, but rather, based on who I am right now. Good and not so great.

Monday, May 10, 2010

I Sit on Fences

In order to fully test the aforementioned Search Tutorial, I decided to test myself. So I conducted a search. Okay, okay.. in reality, I stalked my own profile. Which is kind of sad if you really think about it. So I didn't (think about it, that is) and I came across something interesting.

I'm a perpetual fence-sitter. My posts are riddled with comments like:

"I'm of two minds here..."

"It totally depends on the circumstances..."

"I think I can see both sides here..."

What does this mean for my potential future Mod-ship? Well, some might think that having a fence pole up my ass is probably somewhat uncomfortable and feel badly for me. Some may believe I can't make a single declarative statement.

I prefer to think that I take time to really look at the problem (whether it's something terrible your MIL did, a heated debate or proposed changes to a policy) and try to consider both sides. Isn't that kind of the job? I'm already really good at it. I promise.

But this isn't to say I don't have opinions. I have lots of them:

I really dislike the word "ain't".
I have my own internal cute baby list (but leave it to Daisie to actually put names to a list).
I hated discussing H1N1 incessantly and vow never to start a thread about it.
I laugh every time someone posts a question like, "Should I eat this?" ('cause if you have to ask, the answer is probably "no".)
I love (...). I probably overuse them and I tried to stop. But I can't. So I will continue to use (the brackets) and embrace that they are part of me. Like the fence post up my ass.

In our lives we have so many grey areas and TB is no different. So, as a mod, my goal will be to continue behaving the way I always have. A bit of a fence-sitter, but one who is capable of coming out and making a decision in the best interest of TB when the situation calls for it.

Did I just fence-sit my fence-sitting? I did. Oh, the irony.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Value Added! Vote for Ruis and Learn Shit!

Most of you know me well enough by now and will probably remember that I really love the Search function of TB.

As a moderator, I am not only going to encourage more wide-spread usage of this handy function, I will teach a tutorial to those who seem to be somewhat hampered by the confusing buttons and steps that need to be taken to perform an appropriate search.

We are going to call it "Search First, Ask Second - Search Functionality 101 for the Inept" This short, one-day course will cover such topics as "But I'm too lazy to search;" "But the search box requires more than 3 letters!" and, will precursor the second course in this series, "Appropriate Section Posting 101."

Visual materials will be utilized. You may remember this classic example:

As you can see in the example shown here, we have created a tutorial that even the newest of interface users can learn easily from.

And best of all - this is all free when I become moderator! The tutorial will be mandatory for all new members, who will then be given a mandatory "search function" test, where they are given a popular TB search item (such as "Diva Cup" or "When do I start solids?!") and left to their own devices to find the answers to the question.

But, long time members.. don't feel left out! If you know of a friend (or enemy) who is terminally incapable of searching we offer an abridged version of the tutorial that can be sent anonymously to the incapable searcher. They will be sent a gentle reminder that the search button exists and how to properly utilize it.

So there you are TB! Yet another great reason to vote Ruis for Mod!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Support - It's not just for us loud mouths

Last evening, after announcing my intention to run for Modship, I received a PM from Rikki. We don't know each other, but her comments truly made my evening and gave me some food for thought.

With her permission, I decided to post it here:

Ruis, you don't know me as I am quiet and not a big poster....but I read a lot on this board and have always thought that what you have had to say is mostly what I think but am just too shy to say. I think you are a big part of this community and was so glad to see that you have put your hat in the ring to become a moderator. I will for sure be voting for you!
If I may, can I use your "poster" as my avatar while the campaign is running? It made me lol.

There are hundreds of women in our community and a small percentage of us (myself included) are extremely vocal. As a mod, it's about more than just those who are highly recognizable. It's about all of us - and this potential new position gives me the chance to help and advocate for the less visible members of our community. I'm not talking about the lurkers, I'm talking about the "quiet contingent" - who may be quieter, may not know why fish tacos are so hilarious and why disposable cutting boards cause such controversy.

I've always felt we are a fairly inclusive board and now I realize that we often have a bigger impact on this "quiet contingent" than I realized before. And I think they serve a purpose here - perhaps Rikki's purpose was to remind me that branching out and "meeting" a new person is a wonderful part of being part of this group. And if that is what I take from this campaign journey, I think it has been a valuable lesson. So, to Rikki - thank you.

But don't stay quiet - "meeting" Rikki has made me realize I want to know more of you! I encourage all of those who feel they are "quiet" to jump into a thread this week. And take the time to vote in the moderator election - because that is where your voice will REALLY be heard!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ruis Announces Candidacy!

May 5, 2010

Ruis gets off the fence and into the political ring

THATBOARD, WORLDWIDE – After careful contemplation and creation of several of her famous pro/con lists, Ruis of ThatBoard International officially announced today her intention to run for Modship of ThatBoard.

As a member of ThatBoard and its various incarnations since 2002, Ruis seeks to abolish overt spelling and grammatical errors, while protecting ThatBoard’s membership from longtime lurkerships and, of course, wishes for board-wide peace and harmony without the usage of small monkeys or pastel smilies. Ruis said, “Members should be able to engage in whatever voluntary, peaceful behaviour they wish. It’s called Freedom. And with this Freedom comes personal responsibility. It’s time I got off my fence post and took a stand.”

Ruis’ campaign slogan encapsulates her position: “Vote Ruis: Takin’ it for TB”

Ruis is an active ThatBoard member with a love of fairness and a dedication to seeing both sides of most arguments, qualities she feels would serve her well as a Mod. With a background in High-Horsedness, she has worked diligently to combat the stereotype that all those who sit on the fence are indecisive. A published TB Foodie, she feels she has given to ThatBoard in many ways. From butter tarts and banana bread to a lengthy posting style that has been said to combat workplace boredom for many members – Ruis feels this new direction of her membership will benefit all her co-members.

As part of her campaign, Ruis has promised an increase in social media use and has started a campaign blog:
http://ruistakesit.blogspot.com. The blog will feature her stances on many of TB’s most important issues, such as Cats vs. Sandboxes; and, Where Should I Post This. The blog will also allow constituents an opportunity to communicate directly with Ruis. And she welcomes those with “tough” questions, “Being a Mod is more than just looking pretty. We’ve always had smart, articulate and fair women in this position. I look forward to an opportunity to join this team and give back to ThatBoard’s membership, as they have given to me for so many years.”


For more information, or to schedule an interview, please contact
Ruis via PersonalMessage