Monday, May 10, 2010

I Sit on Fences

In order to fully test the aforementioned Search Tutorial, I decided to test myself. So I conducted a search. Okay, okay.. in reality, I stalked my own profile. Which is kind of sad if you really think about it. So I didn't (think about it, that is) and I came across something interesting.

I'm a perpetual fence-sitter. My posts are riddled with comments like:

"I'm of two minds here..."

"It totally depends on the circumstances..."

"I think I can see both sides here..."

What does this mean for my potential future Mod-ship? Well, some might think that having a fence pole up my ass is probably somewhat uncomfortable and feel badly for me. Some may believe I can't make a single declarative statement.

I prefer to think that I take time to really look at the problem (whether it's something terrible your MIL did, a heated debate or proposed changes to a policy) and try to consider both sides. Isn't that kind of the job? I'm already really good at it. I promise.

But this isn't to say I don't have opinions. I have lots of them:

I really dislike the word "ain't".
I have my own internal cute baby list (but leave it to Daisie to actually put names to a list).
I hated discussing H1N1 incessantly and vow never to start a thread about it.
I laugh every time someone posts a question like, "Should I eat this?" ('cause if you have to ask, the answer is probably "no".)
I love (...). I probably overuse them and I tried to stop. But I can't. So I will continue to use (the brackets) and embrace that they are part of me. Like the fence post up my ass.

In our lives we have so many grey areas and TB is no different. So, as a mod, my goal will be to continue behaving the way I always have. A bit of a fence-sitter, but one who is capable of coming out and making a decision in the best interest of TB when the situation calls for it.

Did I just fence-sit my fence-sitting? I did. Oh, the irony.

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