Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ruis Announces Candidacy!

May 5, 2010

Ruis gets off the fence and into the political ring

THATBOARD, WORLDWIDE – After careful contemplation and creation of several of her famous pro/con lists, Ruis of ThatBoard International officially announced today her intention to run for Modship of ThatBoard.

As a member of ThatBoard and its various incarnations since 2002, Ruis seeks to abolish overt spelling and grammatical errors, while protecting ThatBoard’s membership from longtime lurkerships and, of course, wishes for board-wide peace and harmony without the usage of small monkeys or pastel smilies. Ruis said, “Members should be able to engage in whatever voluntary, peaceful behaviour they wish. It’s called Freedom. And with this Freedom comes personal responsibility. It’s time I got off my fence post and took a stand.”

Ruis’ campaign slogan encapsulates her position: “Vote Ruis: Takin’ it for TB”

Ruis is an active ThatBoard member with a love of fairness and a dedication to seeing both sides of most arguments, qualities she feels would serve her well as a Mod. With a background in High-Horsedness, she has worked diligently to combat the stereotype that all those who sit on the fence are indecisive. A published TB Foodie, she feels she has given to ThatBoard in many ways. From butter tarts and banana bread to a lengthy posting style that has been said to combat workplace boredom for many members – Ruis feels this new direction of her membership will benefit all her co-members.

As part of her campaign, Ruis has promised an increase in social media use and has started a campaign blog: The blog will feature her stances on many of TB’s most important issues, such as Cats vs. Sandboxes; and, Where Should I Post This. The blog will also allow constituents an opportunity to communicate directly with Ruis. And she welcomes those with “tough” questions, “Being a Mod is more than just looking pretty. We’ve always had smart, articulate and fair women in this position. I look forward to an opportunity to join this team and give back to ThatBoard’s membership, as they have given to me for so many years.”


For more information, or to schedule an interview, please contact
Ruis via PersonalMessage

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