Thursday, May 6, 2010

Support - It's not just for us loud mouths

Last evening, after announcing my intention to run for Modship, I received a PM from Rikki. We don't know each other, but her comments truly made my evening and gave me some food for thought.

With her permission, I decided to post it here:

Ruis, you don't know me as I am quiet and not a big poster....but I read a lot on this board and have always thought that what you have had to say is mostly what I think but am just too shy to say. I think you are a big part of this community and was so glad to see that you have put your hat in the ring to become a moderator. I will for sure be voting for you!
If I may, can I use your "poster" as my avatar while the campaign is running? It made me lol.

There are hundreds of women in our community and a small percentage of us (myself included) are extremely vocal. As a mod, it's about more than just those who are highly recognizable. It's about all of us - and this potential new position gives me the chance to help and advocate for the less visible members of our community. I'm not talking about the lurkers, I'm talking about the "quiet contingent" - who may be quieter, may not know why fish tacos are so hilarious and why disposable cutting boards cause such controversy.

I've always felt we are a fairly inclusive board and now I realize that we often have a bigger impact on this "quiet contingent" than I realized before. And I think they serve a purpose here - perhaps Rikki's purpose was to remind me that branching out and "meeting" a new person is a wonderful part of being part of this group. And if that is what I take from this campaign journey, I think it has been a valuable lesson. So, to Rikki - thank you.

But don't stay quiet - "meeting" Rikki has made me realize I want to know more of you! I encourage all of those who feel they are "quiet" to jump into a thread this week. And take the time to vote in the moderator election - because that is where your voice will REALLY be heard!

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